Friday, March 16, 2012

Asus Zenbook UX21

Intel as one of the originators in the computer industry says that ultrabook is the next evolution of the notebook product line. It is estimated, the future of the portable computer is a portable computer with a physical thin, elegant, yet with high performance.As one of the major players in the business notebook, Asus has also been presenting their ultrabook devices, one of them through a series Zenbook. There are two prepared the UX21 and UX31. Physically, the two are similar. The difference is only on screen size and processor.Design and FeaturesOne product Zenbook we tried, the UX21, equipped with the Intel Sandy Bridge Core i5-2467M with a speed of 1.6 GHz and using 4GB of RAM. He uses a screen measuring 11.6 inches with resolutions up to 1366x768 pixels.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

French hacker breaking Chrome Security

A group of hackers from France showed his skill to break into the security system of Google's browser, Chrome. This is the first security bobolnya Chrome, which is shown open to the public.In a Pwn2Own competition in Canada, this group of hackers demonstrated skill to penetrate the security system in the Google Chrome browser. Then, the hackers take over a Windows PC in less than five minutes.These results differ from last year's Pwn2Own competition. At that time, Chrome remained impregnable until the competition ends.This time, capable of mengendalkan broswser is Vupen, a French security company. Vupen is a company full of controversy, because it often sells a software flaws they find, for sale to agents of a government spy."We want to show that Chrome is not solved," said Chaoki Bekrar, head of corporate research is to ZDNet."Last year, we saw a lot of headlines that say no one can control the Chrome.